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YPAC Corp Guidelines for Grant Applications 


YPAC Corp focuses on obtaining funding and resources for charitable projects that occur within the Yellow Pine Area1.  We want to help projects that will enhance the experience of living in and visiting the Yellow Pine Area. We collaborate with groups and individuals that are unable to seek funding on their own.  These include civic groups, non-tax exempt and unincorporated non-profit organizations and people. 

YPAC Corp’s ideal applicant will show regional impact, collaboration or cooperation with community partners, and is tailored to enhancing the Yellow Pine Area. 

YPAC Corp will accept applications throughout the year.  Applications that include identified funding sources will be processed more quickly.  Applicants may be required to prove the ability to provide matching funds if it is required by the funding source. 

YPAC Corp will work closely with the applicant during the funding process.   

YPAC Corp does not guarantee funding will be granted by the funding source(s). 

YPAC Corp will not fund lobbying or political activities.  

YPAC Corp reserves the right to reject any proposal for any reason. 



This information is provided to applicants and the public. We encourage applicants to reference this as they prepare their applications.  While these are out priorities, it must be understood that directors must make judgement calls with regards to evaluations.


The Exemplary Application will score 100 points in the following categories:

Defined Need - 10: Need is clearly stated, compelling and justified. The affected population/region is identified and described adequately.

Project Design & Feasibility - 30: Project is carefully designed to target the defined need. Plan is clearly outlined with a timeline and achievable goals.

Yellow Pine Area Impact - 20: Proposal clearly identifies how the project will benefit the Yellow Pine Area and the individuals in the region.

Project Measures - 10: Proposal provides clear measurements for the goals and what “done” looks like for each objective.

Long-term Value - 20: Proposal describes how the project will provide value to the Yellow Pine Area in the future; includes details on how the benefit will be maintained.

Intangibles - 5: Subjective assessment of directors based on knowledge and experience.

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